Cool Futuristic Audi Quattro Concept

I love Audi because they always have provided futuristic designs on their cars. This Cool Futuristic Audi Quattro Concept tops them all, because I have never seen such balance between color, shape and interior. I love it! Check Top Cars of 2012 (concept) and Audi Shark – Flying Sportscar
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Chinese Fake Gadgets

Cool Gadgets
China has a lot of history in creating clones after original gadgets. Sometimes I think they have a fetish in creating copycats with most of the products we enjoy today: gadgets, cars, fashion and toys. As you can see, on some of these products they did not even bother to change the names. Chinese Fake Gadgets If you loved Chinese Fake Gadgets, you should check fake gadgets part 2.
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