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iPhone 6S

After the launch of Apple’s newest smartphone, the long awaited iPhone 6S, most publications have focused and mostly praised its new features: the new 64-bit A9 processor, the 12 MP main camera, 4K video capability, the 5MP secondary camera, Live Photos and 3D touch display technology. According to Apple, iPhone 6S is the best smartphone that the company has ever built. But hey, we hear that every year in Apple’s keynotes. If we are to make a side-by-side comparison between iPhone 6S and the competition, we might get a bit disappointed. I will agree that there are still many innovative technical features, but there are many things missing from the newest iPhone and this article will focus on what features are missing in the latest iPhone.

The display is not FullHD
It’s 2015 and the iPhone 6S is still a long way from a FullHD (1,080p) display. The new Apple device has a screen resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels. If you want an Apple smartphone with a a full HD display you will have to buy the iPhone 6s Plus. All these are happening in a tech world where every other company on the market released devices with at least FullHD display resolution: Samsung and LG have Quad HD resolution (1,440 x 2,560 pixels), and Sony has just released Xperia Premium Z5, the first smartphone with a 4K screen.

High speed battery charge / Fast Battery Charging
This feature would have been welcomed by most Apple fans, since they are always looking for a power source in order to add more battery juice to their devices. Everyone knows that the iPhone is suffering from a very low battery autonomy. Samsung Galaxy S6 models and ASUS ZenFone 2 have this feature. The ZenFone 2 battery got partially charged at 32% in just 15 minutes. The Samsung Galaxy S6 reach 27% in the same period of time, according to the tests made by Tom’s Guide. We want faster charging time for the iPhone and that’s a fact!

Additional RAM
iPhone 6S has 2 GB of RAM, while the most powerful smartphones on the market have 3/4 GB RAM. Samsung has begun the production of 6GB modules, which will be added to their smartphones next year. I know, iOS needs less RAM to work well, but additional RAM would have been much appreciated.

Better battery life
Many Android terminals have batteries that will last you a day on a regimen of moderate use. The iPhone users barely reach three quarters of a day with a full charge. Given that lack of the quick charge function, the iPhone should have a battery capacity of at least 2,600 mAh. Instead, the new iPhone 6S has a 1715mAh mAh battery. Also, a battery-saving mode would also be really useful.

Wireless charging
This feature is really convenient and I think that would be a great addition to the iPhone. I can think of unlimited scenarios where the wireless charging would save me time.

Greater storage capacity for the base model
The cheapest iPhone 6s has internal storage capacity of 16GB. For a terminal that can now shoot 4K resolution videos and Live Photos, 16GB is far from enough. Both formats require more space if you are planing to use these functions on a daily basis. I can’t understand why Apple did not have the 32GB as the minimum storage? Well, if I think about it, the explanation is quite simple: to persuade the customers to buy the more expensive 64GB model or to acquire additional space in the iCloud storage service.

Icons / widgets capable of displaying real-time information directly on the screen
iOS has reached the 9th version, but the operating system is still unable to display in real-time the weather temperature outside of the application. In Android, this can be done through widgets placed on the screen. I truly think that we need this feature, and not just for the weather app.

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 6S is a great smartphone and I’m already thinking that I should buy it as an upgrade to my Samsung Galaxy S5. I love the fact that they’ve upped the camera and the 3D touch seems promising. But still, there are many things missing…

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