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Folks at Tech Radar have tested the most important phones launched this year and they have compiled a list with the best 15 devices that you should look into if you decide to upgrade your old smartphone. They have taken into consideration the following factors: the computational power, storage capacity, design and price-quality ratio.

This year, many premium models were launched, including the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X. As you can imagine, it was not easy to compile and to order properly all the devices in this list, but they manage to do.

Here are the top 15 best phones launched in 2017

honor 9
15th place: Honor 9

iphone 8
14thplace : iPhone 8

htc u11
13th place: HTC U11

sony xperia xz
12th place: Sony Xperia XZ Premium

google pixel 2 xl
11th place: Google Pixel 2 XL

one plus 5t
10th place: OnePlus 5T

iphone plus
9th place: iPhone 8 Plus

lg g6
8th place: LG G6

lg v30
7th place: LG V30

samsung note 8
6th place: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

huawei mate 10
5th place: Huawei Mate 10 Pro

iphone x
4th place: iPhone X

As you can see, they also considered the most luxurious smartphones in the market. iPhone X lost a lot of points due to its huge price. Experts praised the powerful processor and the screen but the price is just unrealistic compared to its specs.

google pixel 2
3rd Place: Google Pixel 2

This smartphone impressed with the performance of the processor and the Full HD screen. The design was not so lucky, since it was considered “uninspired”.

galaxy s8 plus
2nd place: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Specialists at Tech Radar evaluated this device as the best smartphone of the moment for customers who want a bigger screen. The S8 Plus’ strengths are the display, CPU and camera performance.

samsung galaxy s8
1st place: Samsung Galaxy S8

As you may have expected, the S8 is considered the best smartphone of 2017. Specialists were impressed by camera, design and screen. At this moment we should probably mention that this device was launched back in April. According to Tech Radar, no other smartphone released since then has risen to its level. And we have to agree with this, it is indeed a marvelous device.

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